Kickstarter - Ultimate Man's Guide to Gear and Clothing Projects

I love Kickstarter. I've backed a few projects and while I did lose out on one project the rest have delivered on time and as ordered. As with any crowdfunding you should always be cautious and think before you pledge. Check out the project creator to see if they've had any successful projects. I tend to wait until the project is mostly funded before pledging. Projects that have a high cost should be scrutinized closely especially, tech projects. They may have a great looking and functioning prototype but that's a far cry from sourcing large quantities of materials, manufacturing, and shipping.

While you want to be smart with your money don't let the thought of a failed project deter you. The vast majority of funded projects ship out to the backers some even go onto create other great products that Kickstarter's get first crack at. The perks are you get to be on the bleeding edge of a new product at a great discount.

This is intended to be a continuous running list of projects I discover.

INIE Belt: Smart and Fashionable Belt monitors your health

It is a smart belt that helps to monitor your health, provide alerts to avoid missing phone calls or misplacing your phones.


5 key features of INIE BELT:

  1. Walking Tracker Count and record every step you take. Keep your health in shape with INIE BELT.

  2. Idle Alert Wonder how long you spend sitting down throughout the day. INIE BELT will tell you how long how you had been lazing around and being idle.

  3. Phone Loss Notification
    You won’t lose your phone again. INIE BELT will alert you whenever your phone is out of sight from you.

  4. Phone Call Alert
    You with no longer missed your phone calls. With the built-in vibration mechanism of our INIE BELT, we will alert you whenever a phone call is received.

  5. Long Battery Life
    Save yourself from constantly charging up your device. With our compact high capacity 1400mAh battery, the INIE BELT can function over 2 years without a charge.

Prevent Phone Lost

Lots of people have lost their phones after a big night out, leaving their phones on a restaurant table after a meal or simply misplace their phones at home. The INIE BELT will vibrate whenever you are physically away from your phone for over 8 to 10 meters.




SOLOSOCKS 2.0 - A Unique Solution To Missing Socks

The first ever organic, sustainable, innovative, high-end, designer socks. No more pairing socks. No more wasting socks.



YOUNGSENSE-X : A new generation of chelsea boot

YOUNGSENSE always insisted on the development of health functional shoes series, YOUNGSENSE-X is a series of functional breathe boots



Drink & Buddy: Two beverages. One bottle! For best friends.

The world's first hygienic, multi-beverage water bottle that you can share with your pup!





ULTIMATE CARGO ORGANIZERS - Keep your stuff safe in the car.

Simple holders which work on carpet or liners to protect your goods and stop your stuff from rolling around in the back of the car.



We have built two cargo holders which are simple in function, but extremely good at what they do. Here are some shots of them in action doing their thing, and you can see lots of info below.

Real units, in real cars, with real stuff.



Do you own a car? Then you need our products. Sidekick and Metro are two revolutionary new products that will change the way you transport cargo in your car. Using our patent pending technologies, Sidekick and Metro can hold just about anything. The Metro sticks firmly to your vehicle's carpet and provides a wall to stop your cargo from moving around. Don’t have carpet in your trunk? Sidekick grips to rubber liners and flush velour. Simply place your cargo on the platform and it won’t budge.

  • Peace of Mind - Never again worry about objects getting damaged in your car
  • Made from High Impact Plastic - Virtually indestructible, can withstand the heaviest objects.
  • Easy to use - Ergonomic handles makes positioning cargo a breeze
  • Better than traditional cargo organizers - The modular design allows infinite amount of uses and positions

World's Best Running Shorts-II + Smartphone Pant & more..

Innovative Shorts, Tights & Track Pants with Smartphone Pocket System. No more bouncing or falling phones!



Last time, we made The-SPS 1 with a phone pocket, and received an overwhelming response from you.

So this time, we went further! We made the best smartphone shorts yet, added 3 more Smartphone products and created 'The SMARTPHONE POCKET SYSTEM'.

The "Patent-Pending" pocket system design contains a strategically placed phone pocket on running tights & an outer opening such that the user can slide the phone from the outer to the inner just as if he is sliding it into a normal pocket.

This Campaign, will bring to life:

(a.) World's 1st Double Layered Track Pant.

(b.) World's 1st Detachable Short System (Separate Inner & Outer)

(c.) The SPS PRO - With Water Resistant Pocket & 2 inner pockets.

(d.) The SPS-II (classic colours)

(e.) The SPS-II (Anthra Collection)

*Apart from their individual ground breaking designs, all above products have The Smartphone System.







ZFG - Fuck Yeah / Fuck No Decision Maker & Rat's Ass Coins

LITERALLY give a "Rat's Ass" and let fate decide life's next choice with the flip of our new "Fuck Yeah / Fuck No" Decision Maker coin!



"To give a fuck, or not to give a fuck – That is the question"

Don't know what the fuck to do? Flip this coin and let fate decide!



Literally give a Rat's Ass!