Kickstarter - Ultimate Man's Guide to Gear and Clothing Projects

I love Kickstarter. I've backed a few projects and while I did lose out on one project the rest have delivered on time and as ordered. As with any crowdfunding you should always be cautious and think before you pledge. Check out the project creator to see if they've had any successful projects. I tend to wait until the project is mostly funded before pledging. Projects that have a high cost should be scrutinized closely especially, tech projects. They may have a great looking and functioning prototype but that's a far cry from sourcing large quantities of materials, manufacturing, and shipping.

While you want to be smart with your money don't let the thought of a failed project deter you. The vast majority of funded projects ship out to the backers some even go onto create other great products that Kickstarter's get first crack at. The perks are you get to be on the bleeding edge of a new product at a great discount.

This is intended to be a continuous running list of projects I discover.

GoCube | The Classic Puzzle Reinvented

An incredible smart connected cube with tracking and whole new way to cube. Learn, improve, and even compete.




Since its invention in 1974, the cube has captured the minds and hearts of people all over the world. But not much has really changed since.

But now, we completely re-engineered the iconic puzzle toy- we've updated the classic cube into a modern super-puzzle with brains that does it all and answers it all. Plus, it introduces a whole new way to battle.



Whether learning, improving, battling or playing, the GoCube app takes your cubing to the next level. And it’ll be readily available and free on iOS and Android.

In addition to all the other cool features, GoCube is also what’s known as a ‘Speed Cube’.

What that means is that instead of the usual clunky slow cubes that get stuck a lot, GoCube has implemented mechanisms that enable it to be FAST and SMOOTH.

SMART BELT 2.0 - The Most Crowdfunded Accessory In History!

See why 15.000 people backed the 1.0 last year! The biggest leap in belt technology ... since .. well .. a rope around your waist.


We are Harmattan Design (Holt Evans & Radu Zarnescu), Kickstarter veterans and Enthusiastic Creators. Last year, our fourth campaign The Smart Belt 1.0 became the most funded fashion accessory in history.

We sent out all the pledges and wanted to know what our backers had to say. To our delight, 67% of our backers wanted more colors for their belts, more buckle finishes and many had other even more interesting ideas of what we can improve.

So, on popular demand, this year, we are back and better, TAKE A LOOK!


What we believe is that there is no one thing that made our SMART BELT such a huge success, but the combination of all our innovations bundled into a nice and elegant, finely tuned package.


Firstly, replacing the 5 hole system with 32 adjustments brings a world of comfort and a whole new dimension of adjustability. Not many people think about it or realize it but, our waist changes as we go about our business throughout the day while the belt we wear does not adjust because holes are too far apart.

Forget feeling tight or loose, you'll forget you have a belt on but your pants will stay exactly where they're supposed to.


Our Kevlar® Core is our staple innovation. Belts wear out because the leather flexes longitudinally and loses structure. Our Kevlar® Core prevents that from happening by reinforcing the whole structure like nothing else. It makes the whole thing indestructible yet light and comfortable.


The Leather we use is the most exclusive leather anywhere in the world. Vegetable Tanning is almost a lost art. Because it takes longer to tan the leather with natural tannins it has been replaced by chromium tanning at the turn of the century. We get our leather from a small valley in Tuscany, Italy, one of the hand-full of places in the world where this is still done. It's much more resilient that normal leather, it's all natural, eco friendly and really smells good too. It will come with a certificate of authenticity and a serial number.

A Guaranteed Conversation Starter: The Halograph II Watch

We've completely upgraded the Halograph w/ a Miyota automatic mov't with day/night display, sapphire glass, & American Horween leather.


In 2015, Xeric took a risk on a nontraditional time display. The original Halograph Automatic was the most funded mechanical watch campaign on Kickstarter, proving that people want something different.

Never content, we’ve spent the last two years improving and refining the original while remaining true to Xeric’s core mission of creating unusual timepieces. Every component of the Halograph II was redesigned and upgraded. Premium Horween® leather, upgraded Miyota® movement and a sapphire crystal make this watch a significant update to the original.

XERIC watches are designed in California and produced on an artisanal scale, making high-end mechanical features accessible to a broad cross-section of horological enthusiasts. We are a small company that has a combined 50 years of experience in the watch industry. We've seen it all and we’re designing watches that will surely be the most unique timepiece in any room.





Performance Running Pants Disguised as Casual Office Pants

A Breathable and Odor Resisting Alternative to traditional slacks. Four Way Stretch with Air Texturized Fabric Allows You To Do More.


Introducing the North Bound Pants, the perfect 2-1 everyday pants that bring you comfort of performance pants, the crisp silhouette of office pants, and made with technical fibers which fight odor and offer a dynamic stretch.

These are one pair of pants that will change your wardrobe routine in many ways...but our favorite part is versatility combined with the technical fabric- allowing you to switch up your look with a simple hidden pull string. Breathable tencel ensures you don't break into sweat, and if you do, the air texturized fabric wicks away odors. One sustainable pair of pants made to take from the city to the gravel.







The Northbound pants are one pair of you can wear virtually Anywhere. Made with sustainable natural fibers with synthetic finishing to enhance your comfort and fight odor. We didn't overlook a single detail, focusing on using high grade thread for stitching, and guaranteeing the textile has sufficient stretch for maximum movement.

Elos Skateboard | Compact, stable, fun urban cruiser

An easy to learn mini-cruiser built for urban commuters and non-skateboarders. Cut travel time in half while enjoying your commute.



The story of Elos continues with a lighter, smoother, and more accessible cruiser.

The story of Elos did not start with a business plan. It started with just a pair of hands crafting a new kind of skateboard. A board designed so friends and family would have an easier time learning and riding together.

The design has grown with our founder, Tom Wang, and the initial concept from 2003 has evolved to become a skateboard that fits easily into an out-and-about urban lifestyle.

On Oct. 18, 2016, the well-refined concept named Elos, which stands for "Effortless Lifestyle of Skateboarding,” became a reality with the support of over 600 Kickstarter visionaries around the world.

Today, we are announcing the new Elos 2018 model. We kept all the features people told us they loved, then we made it lighter and cruise smoother so the next generation of Elos enthusiasts can continue the story of learning and riding together.

Are you in?