Kickstarter - Ultimate Man's Guide to Gear and Clothing Projects

I love Kickstarter. I've backed a few projects and while I did lose out on one project the rest have delivered on time and as ordered. As with any crowdfunding you should always be cautious and think before you pledge. Check out the project creator to see if they've had any successful projects. I tend to wait until the project is mostly funded before pledging. Projects that have a high cost should be scrutinized closely especially, tech projects. They may have a great looking and functioning prototype but that's a far cry from sourcing large quantities of materials, manufacturing, and shipping.

While you want to be smart with your money don't let the thought of a failed project deter you. The vast majority of funded projects ship out to the backers some even go onto create other great products that Kickstarter's get first crack at. The perks are you get to be on the bleeding edge of a new product at a great discount.

This is intended to be a continuous running list of projects I discover.

World's Most Breathable, Odourless Underwear.

Underwear made of pure silver fibre and modal, with patented air mesh design. Kills 99% of bacteria & stays fresh.


The Silver Fibre Advantage:


Each pair of KOY GEAR underwear is made of silver fibre. This is engineered by coating polyamide fibre with pure ionized silver. When ionized silver comes in contact with moisture, it releases silver ions that kill bacteria. Silver’s antibacterial effects have been put to practice for centuries and are continually used today. Silver has been utilized for water disinfection, surgical masks, wound dressings, and even in the engineering of spacesuits.

Silver has proven health benefits and KOY GEAR has brought them to your underwear. Our patented design kills 99.9% of bacteria, which prevents unwanted odours. Our “silver” underwear also regulates temperature due to its heat conducting nature. So even on those extra hot days, KOY GEAR underwear will provide supreme comfort.


AER TECH: Gone are the days of humid, uncomfortable underwear that sticks. KOY GEAR’s patented Aer-tech design maximizes breathability so you’re always feeling fresh.



Flatlock stitching: Most underwear brands use traditional overlock stitching, but KOY GEAR’s new flatlock stitching technique is smoother and flatter. This provides a natural, comfortable fit.

ZEROHOUR APEX Copper & Brass Tactical Pen Limited Edition

COPPER and BRASS. Everyday carry pen meets premium writing instrument. Glass breaker + self-defense tip. Fisher Space ink refills.



ZEROHOUR APEX is a tactical pen for extreme conditions, designed with indestructible materials, an out-of-this-world waterproof ink cartridge, and tungsten steel glass-breaking tip.

Originally offered in aluminum and titanium, we returned to our manufacturer with yet another eye-popping idea. We wanted to develop a special, limited edition APEX in a COPPER & BRASS finish! The pen body will be precision machined out of raw copper and brass with a polished stainless steel pocket clip.

Copper has been used longer than any other metal in the world (10,000 years), is the standard benchmark for electrical conductivity, and is naturally antimicrobial. You can find one mile of copper in a luxury car, 9,000 pounds in a commercial jet, and 160,000 pounds in the Statue of Liberty! We expect our limited edition copper pen to be just as durable as our national treasure.

When you create an alloy of copper and zinc, you get brass! Brass is a favorite of musical instruments around the world such as the saxophone, trumpet, and trombone, and you can now add your very own brass writing instrument to your desk with our limited edition APEX pen. Both metals will change shades over time, giving each pen a unique patina designed by nature, just for you!


APEX's shredded for duty body puts some real muscle behind one of the smallest and strongest everyday carry tactical pens ever.

With an ergonomic grip and balanced weight distribution, APEX is extremely smooth and light in the hand, while the materials provide nearly indestructible strength. APEX is a true pen of ice and fire: guaranteed to make it through the toughest conditions, and we’ve given our prototypes the beating to prove it.

The form of a pen is pretty much a given - tube, click or cap, ink reservoir - but APEX explodes the standard with a rugged, ventilated body that reveals the unique brass cartridge locked and loaded inside.


APEX's brass ink cartridge is none other than the patented Fisher Space Pen refill (Medium Black PR4). Nitrogen-pressurized and sealed, with a tungsten carbide ball and stainless steel point, the Fisher cartridge can write in zero gravity, underwater, upside down, over wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and from -30 °F to 250 °F!


Tungsten Glass Breaking Tip


ZipSeam - Instantly Tailor Your Baggy Shirts

Weighing less than an ounce, the ZipSeam lets you tailor your baggy, ill-fitting shirts into a fitted masterpiece in minutes.




A poorly fitting wardrobe can make you look sloppy and unprofessional. Despite the movement by manufacturers towards slim fit apparel, the sizing of shirts is still very limited. You can often find a shirt that fits you at the neck but balloons out at the waist, or fits your body and basically strangles you to death, leaving the top button impossible to close. The one-size-fits-most model may technically fit, but the result leaves much to be desired.

Traditional DIY tailoring methods are time consuming and hard to master. Professional tailors are expensive and require multiple trips to and from the store. Forget about a wardrobe full of bespoke shirts, you might have to sell off some bitcoin to pay for them.

With the ZipSeam, you can tailor a shirt in minutes, and unlike traditional tailoring methods, you can remove the ZipSeam and adjust the fit if you don't like your first attempt. Don't worry, the ZipSeam is washer and dryer safe so you won't have to re-tailor your shirts after every wash.

Here is a shirt I bought from the thrift store for less than a dollar to show what a dramatic difference the ZipSeam can make. As with most shirts I find, this shirt fits me at the neck (size 16) but was unusually baggy in the sleeves and body. I reduced the sleeves by about 2 inches, and the torso by about 4 inches from each side.


The ZipSeam also works with t-shirts and thinner sweaters.


The new ZipSeam combines the holding power of the first version, and the flexibility and comfort of the second version, all the while being easier to use than the previous versions. You can even break the ZipSeam down into smaller segments to further contour the fit of your shirts.

Despite having a very strong hold, each set of the ZipSeam weighs less than an ounce so you won't even know it's there.

RNGR: Ultra-thin Folding Knife

World-first two piece construction. 440C stainless EDC. USA Made.




RNGR™ST-2 is the knife you need when you don’t have the space for one. It's ultra-thin and ultra-light. This is unlike anything you've seen before.


People loved the ingenuity and convenience of our WildCard, but some wanted it to be even smaller. We redesigned the housing, stripping it down to it’s bare essentials. We didn’t want to simply make it smaller though. We wanted to make it stronger. By utilizing stronger steel and increasing the thickness by just 50%, we were able to make the blade and body 4x as strong. It's truly an unmatched ultra-thin minimalist pocket knife.


The ST-2 is a new concept in knife design. It is built free of screws and bolts, allowing it to be the thinnest pocket knife ever designed. We call it "steel origami".


It’s 440C stainless steel is a premium blade material. The ultra-thin featherweight design allows you to store it conveniently, under the most extreme circumstances. Or under daily circumstances, in your jean pocket.





RNGR utilizes our patented FlyOff technology. If you find yourself going through airport security while still carrying RNGR ST-2, simply remove and forfeit the blade. You will be able to order a replacement blade after your trip. Better yet, choose the knife + blade pack reward now!

MERIDIEM Watches - Dual Time

MERIDIEM WATCHES : GMT01 Utility 24-Dual Time watches with SWISS movement.


Inspired by Light & Shadow in the City

In the busy city, people that not easy to see the sky but easily lose your sense of day and night. GMT01 design detail with building and architecture structure line. Functional 24 hours movement / dial suitable for the modern urbanite ensures perfect versatility, from the street to the worldly event, travel without missing time.


Adopt 100 Maple Trees

Adopt a maple tree and become part of the maple syrup tradition at Kettle Ridge Farm!



Adopting a maple tree at Kettle Ridge Farm allows us to fulfill our mission of providing local, natural products as part of a sustainable small-farm enterprise.

Maple syrup production is a continually threatened industry due to climate change, various tree diseases and cheap (and not so healthy) alternatives in the marketplace. We're doing everything within our power to keep the maple sugaring tradition alive and educate the public on the health benefits associated with maple products.

Our main goal for the future is to construct a brand new sugarhouse, including a certified commercial kitchen and indoor event space right here at the farm. If you ever find yourself in upstate New York, feel free to stop by and say hello!



Moki Doorstep

Our patent pending vehicle rooftop assistance doorstep grants an individual access to their car top roof racks with one easy step.



My wife and I have always been travelers and the adventurous type. One thing always held my wife up from getting after the powder on a blue bird day on her own. Because of her height, she struggles to use car top racks. Come to find out, she wasn't alone. Depending on the vehicle and type of rack, I often struggle as well. Fast forward through a few years of prototypes and testing; I have the solution to the all too common problem. The Moki Doorstep is a one of a kind step that hangs on the U-shaped slam latch on your vehicles door.

The Moki Doorstep team wanted a way to place a large order so they could pass on the savings to the consumer. That's where Kickstarter comes in. Our Kickstarter campaign doesn't follow traditional "business models" of making 100% profit. As fellow adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, we wanted a way to bring the best product forward, for the most reasonable price. Even if that meant decreasing our profits. At Moki Doorstep we're all about sharing our love for the outdoors with others and encouraging others to get outside and explore the beautiful world around them. With your help, we can make this goal a reality.